There are 4 main functions of Menu Management.

The menu management tool is designed to let you form your menu easily and fast. You can add/remove sections and items, write descriptions, set prices and upload photos in a few clicks. You can also sort your menus, sections and items and change the order you want them to appear in by dragging and dropping them. By clicking the Add button, you can directly add an item or a section to your menu. You can also add an item under a section or a sub-section by clicking the Add button inside that section or sub-section.

There is no level limit for creating sub-sections under sections. You can always move an item or a sub-section into another section and sort your items and sections by dragging them.

The Publish switch lets you display or remove an item/section. When this switch is on, that item/section will be displayed on your menu. If you turn this off, that item/section will be removed from the tablets without being deleted, so it will not appear on the menu but you can always turn it on again when you want to display.

Under the Localization tab you can translate every section/item in your menu into how many languages you want simultaneously. You can click on which menu you want to translate and translate every item and section in your menu. To add a new language, go to App Config.

If you need two or more of the same menu with minor details changed, e.g. different prices for several items during weekdays and weekends; you can duplicate your menus and make these minor changes on one of the copies. This would save you much time, instead of changing the prices (or whatever detail you want to change) constantly,  you can just switch between these menus by publishing one of them.

For each section/item, from the “Edit” function you can;

  • Edit the name and description,

  • Add notes,

  • Add/change the image and upload a video,

  • Add information such as price, ingredient warnings, calories, preparation time,

  • Select recommended items,

  • Publish/Unpublish,

  • Change the number of columns and view.

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