Here's a few reasons why you might be getting this message. Check for the reasons below to fix the issue:

1-Your subscription may be expired
The main reason why you would see this error message is that your account could be expired. If your trial period is over or your subscription was not renewed, you cannot access your menu anymore.
-If your trial is over, click UPGRADE in the control panel to subscribe to a plan.
-If you already have a subscription and it was not renewed, check your billing information from "Account Settings" you can access by clicking your name. Make sure all the information here regarding the payment process is valid and up to date. If all the information is correct, check your bank for why the payment might not be through.

2-"But I just paid!"You may have just subscribed to a plan or renewed your subscription and still receiving this error. The first thing to do at this point is to make sure your tablet has a working internet connection. For any type of data -including subscription- to be transferred to your tablet from the panel, you need internet connection. Make sure the device is connected and then you can log in to your menu.

3-Your tablet's date and time might be wrongAlthough not very common, the date and time on your tablet might be changed for some reason and if it's set to a different date, your account may appear suspended. Check the date and time settings on your tablet and make sure it's updated automatically.

Please remember to check the calendar settings as well, it should be set as "Gregorian".

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