The setting page is where you can set the system's configurations for your Tablet and Mobile menu.

General Settings: These settings will take effect on both the Tablet and Mobile menu.

  • Select a default language and other languages you want to display

  • Publish/Remove prices and pick a currency

  • Set the email address to receive the survey's (Feedback) results.

  • Configure checkout options (discount, service fee, tax, etc.)

  • Select the calories' unit.

Tablet Menu Settings: In this section, you can configure settings that will only take effect on the Tablet menu application

  • Enable/Disable showing the Language, Information, and Feedback buttons on your Tablet Menu App.

  • Order options for your tablets (Full Service, Table Top, Kiosk) (for more information about the difference between the ordering modes, please check the guide Best Order Mode for My Business)

  • Order submission&Table Selection preferences (by customer or waiter) (For more information about taking orders please check the guide here)

  • Configure Service Options: You can add options for your customers to submit requests from the tablets directly (e.g: Cleaning the table, Tap water, Wrong Order...etc).

Mobile Menu Settings: In this section, you can configure settings that will only take effect on the Mobile menu application

  • Obtain your Delivery/Pick up QR Code and URL

  • Configure the color settings of your QR code.

  • Enable/Disable showing the Currency/Prices on the Mobile menu.

  • Set the Email address' that will receive the order notifications (Default address is the account's email address)

  • Set a Welcome Text for your Welcome Page (e.g: Stay Safe)

  • Enable/Disable the different ordering modes available for the Mobile menu (Delivery, Pick-up & Dine-in)

  • Additional settings for the ordering modules can be accessed by clicking on the module's name (e.g: Working hours, Delivery charge, Delivery limit, Minimum preparation time...etc)

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