You can change the text and background colors of your menu to create your own look. There are 3 main steps to creating your own look on FineDine.
1-Create your theme
2-Insert your logo
3-Upload photos for your dishes or display them as a list. 

1-Log in to control panel, go to Design and click "Add A Design".
2-Adjust the text & background colors however you like them. To make a background transparent, just leave the color code cell empty. Check the Color Guide for more details.
3-Insert background images to the Homepage, Menu and Info View. You can also use a video for the Homepage Background to give your menu a more dynamic look.
4-Save your theme and publish to your devices!

You can insert your restaurant's logo to your menu from App Config to make your menu become a part of your restaurant and reflect who you are. Enable "Display Logo" and upload the image you want. Click on the Save the change you made and then publish it to see on your tablet.

To upload photos of your dishes, simply go to Menus, click on "Enter" to enter your menu an find the section/image you want to upload an image for. Click on "Edit" for the section/image and upload the photo. Save from the bottom of the page, publish to your tablets and your menu will come alive!

You can change the number of columns in any section by clicking "Edit" on that section. You can also do this to change the way you display sections by changing the number of columns in Menus. Enter the menu and click on the horizontal 3 dots next to the menu's name. Select "Customize View" and change the number of columns.

If you don't want to use photos, you can use List View. Click on "Edit" on the section you want to modify, find the Display option and select "List". Save and publish this to see the changes on your tablet.

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